We’d love to have you!!!  

Drop-ins are designed for individuals with 3+ months consecutive CrossFit Experience only. This is to ensure your safety. It is also done to preserve the class experience, making sure the coach can attend to everyone equally, not just focusing on one individual.

We appreciate your understanding!


No worries! There are many ways you can get a feel for us or try it out.

Meet Margo to learn more about the gym

Meet Margo to learn more about the gym


We want to make sure you are excited about getting started. If that means meeting us first, AWESOME!!!

Consultations generally take 30 minutes. We take that time to learn a bit about you, your goals, and how we can help. We also share about us and answer any questions you may have. All this takes place during class time so you can see a class in action.

Don’t sweat it, this part is hassle-free. Book a time to come meet us.

Nicole with buddies Andrea and Lindsay

Nicole with buddies Andrea and Lindsay


The First Friday of every month we welcome anyone into the gym. You could be a friend, a friend of a friend, or just someone that has stalked us on social media for a while. ;) Come on in, we’d love to have you.

The workouts on these particular Fridays do not require any previous experience but still give you a taste for what we do in the gym.

You will need to request a spot and pay your $20 drop-in fee.

Coach Chase helping Mandy in session 1

Coach Chase helping Mandy in session 1


This is a 30-day membership. A taster or “aperitif” of sorts.

It includes:

  • 4 private coaching sessions

  • movement assessment

  • modification for classes

    (if applicable)

  • unlimited classes for time remaining (approx. 3 weeks)

Register and find your coach below.