How can I get started?

There are 3 ways that you can get to know us a little better before you commit.

  1. Book a Sweat-Free Consultation - This is a 30 minute session to learn about you and your past experiences with fitness. We want to find out what your goals are so we can help you find the best way to reach them. The primary purpose is to determine how we can best help you and give you a feel for us. Schedule your time HERE.
  2. Join a First Friday Class - On the First Friday of every month we program a workout that requires no previous experience to join and we open it up to you. This is a chance to jump into a class, get a feel for the flow, and meet some of our amazingly supportive members and coaches. Request a class by emailing
  3. Book Your Intro-to-CrossFit Month - We were all new once, and all of us went through this very process. This month starts with 4 private coaching sessions. Each session is uniquely designed to: (1) Warm you up with the class so you can meet some of your fellow members and coaches (2) Teach you the movements you will need for class (3) Give you a feel for the flow of class and (4) Get in a great workout all while being guided one-on-one by your coach. After the 4 private coaching session you will have access to unlimited classes for the remainder of the month (approximately 3 weeks). This is an opportunity for you to really feel us out and determine what classes willl work well for your schedule.

What's a workout like?

Every workout is different. This is amazing because you’ll never get bored and it’ll keep your body guessing. Always progressing. 😜 The variety in our training is just one of the reasons we can get unparalleled results. You may be wondering “what if I can’t do something?”, “What if i haven’t done anything in years or ever?”. Don’t fret, we will find a modification or scaling option if needed. See some examples HERE.

What's a class like?

Every class is different because every workout is different. That said, the structure of a class is always the same. Each class is one hour and includes:

  1. Warm-up - All athletes, you and seasoned veterans, participate in the warm up to ensure you’re body’s prepped and ready to go.
  2. Mobility - You’ll stretch to make sure you can get in the best position possible for the work you have ahead that day. You’ll also be able to use these stretches outside of the gym.
  3. Prep - Is where you’ll prepare all the movements for the workout. You’ll be led through each by the coach in a “I go, you go” fashion. The coach will demonstrate the movement and then you will practice it under the watchful eye of the coach. This is an opportunity for the coach to see you move, correct any issues and work you up to a load that’s appropriate for you that day.
  4. Workout - Once you’ve prepared everything, you train. 👏🏻 You’ll start together as a class then chip away at the workout until it’s complete. You’ll work at your own pace, your own weight, and your own ability, taking breaks as needed. You’ll have chosen modifications and weights that work best for you and you will focus on your effort. No one but the coach will be watching you. Everyone else is too focused on what they’re doing to even notice you in the room. 😅 You can see examples of this HERE.

What about nutrition?

Nutrition (and sleep) is at the foundation of everything we do. We work with all of our athletes to help them find strategies that they need to improve these areas. We do this as part of your membership. It is important to us that we not only help you move better each day but that we teach you how to be better outside of our four walls. At CrossFit Barrie you will learn about all five factors of health: sleep, nutrition, training, mindset, and relationships. We know you are not just walking bodies when you come in here, we all have other stuff going on, we want to help you with those things too. You know, those pesky things that comes with adulting. 😉

Twice a year we will help you ramp up and reset your body through out nutrition challenges. For us, nutrition is all about finding something you can stick with. Success does not come from doing something 100% for 30 days, success comes from finding small wins you can do over and over again. That’s why we focus on helping you find new habits or strategies that will change your relationship with food, how you look at fuelling your body, and allowing you to get off the diet roller coaster.

If you need more accountability, we have personalized plans too. With the Eat Your Way team, we will create a personalized program that has your specific goals in mind. With this program you get: Personal goal analysis, Weekly check-ins, Dietary control, 24/7 coach support. This is NOT included in regular membership fees.

Is CrossFit dangerous?

Anything done incorrectly can be dangerous. By going through our Intro-to-CrossFit month, you are learning the correct way to move and approach workouts. Once in class, you are under the watchful eye of a coach whose sole purpose is to challenge you while maintaining a safe environment. CrossFit done correctly is not dangerous.

What if I have a previous injury? (ie. back, shoulder, knee, etc.)

Not to worry. No matter what’s going on, we’ve got you covered. We’ve helped many athletes reach their goals and rehab their injuries. In fact, CrossFit (based around movements you need for life) can be one of the best programs to help you get back on track.

How much does a CrossFit membership cost?

Our business is not group coaching. Our business is training people one-on-one. Sometimes that’s done in a group setting. Being in a class is like having a personal trainer, you’re being coached all the way through, corrected, and given a proven program that works. This level of coaching is more than access to equipment, it’s mentorship.

If you’ve done CrossFit for 3 months or more at another gym you can jump into our classes with one of our memberships. Our membership options are:

  • 3x per week $139/month
  • Unlimited $169/month

If you’re new this type of training, you’ll have to complete our Intro-to-Crossfit month. A 30-day risk free membership that integrates private coaching to prep you for classes, and includes unlimited classes so you can feel out if this is for you. You can learn more about our Intro-to-CrossFit program HERE.

Is CrossFit enough or should I keep my gym membership?

We cannot count how many times members have kept their gym membership thinking they’d go on days off. Every single one of them cancels their membership at the globo gym because they quickly realize that coming 3 days a week is enough. AND if they wanted to train more they’d rather do it with us then “go to a gym where no one talks to each other and the workouts aren’t half as fun”.

What does a membership include?

Your membership fees are for coaching. You’ll be part of a group class but get one-on-one attention. Because we’ve created a small group setting, you’re fees are cheaper than private training but your experience and results are just as good, if not better.

Here’s what Lindsay had to say “I had a personal trainer for 2 years. He kept telling me that if I wanted to lose weight I would need to come more than 3x per week but I just didn’t have that time in my schedule. I started at CrossFit Barrie and right away new this was something different. I was more challenged than i had been before, was having WAY MORE fun, and started to see results going only 3 times per week”.

Andrea shares “I had a personal trainer for 6 months, at the time I thought the workouts were hard and I paid the expensive fees because that’s what I thought it took to get results. Then I started at CrossFit Barrie. Within the first month my body was starting to change. Once I introduced some nutrition tips, I saw the weight just melt off. You don’t need to pay a personal trainer. CrossFit is cheaper, more fun, and generates better results. WIN-WIN-WIN”.

I already do CrossFit but I am looking for a new home, how do I join?

Come do a class. When you’re looking for a new home it’s important to find a vibe that suits you. The gym that will give you the best results is the one you want to show up to. If you come in and love what we do then we’ll get into one of our memberships.

  • 3x per week $139/month
  • Unlimited $169/month Already know you want to join, been told about our place for a while and just need to make it happen? Sign up HERE.

Do you have any promotions or deals?

The short answer is no. We are often asked about emergency service discounts or promotions. Our reasoning for not doing them is simple - our value never changes. You're paying for coaching and that's what we deliver on.

What if I can’t do something in the workout?

While you may not be able to do the movement as written on the board there is ALWAYS an alternative. Many of us started not being able to do a push-ups or a pull-up, we have a few different ways to modify all of our movements to ensure you are getting as much out of the workout as anyone else. Our job is to meet you where you're at.

HERE are some examples of substitutions we would use to help you progress at your own rate.

What will happen during my first coaching session?

You'll come in, meet your coach, complete a waiver, process your payment, and then start your session.

Each Intro-to-CrossFit session is set up to flow just like our classes do. Each day starts off with a general warm up, like 2 minutes on a bike or a short run to get the heart pumping. Then there is a specific warm up that involves more moving and stretching. We do this with the class so you can get to know some of your fellow members and coaches.

Next, you will learn the skills for the day. This portion makes up a bulk of the hour and will be just you and your coach. This gives us time to get you moving well and refining the movements you will need for that day (and for classes in the future).

After you feel confident in the new movements we cap the day off with a little workout. The workout will be unique to these sessions but will feel like a workout you'll do in classes.

See an example HERE.

CrossFit women look very muscular. Will I look like that if I start doing CrossFit?

No. Alot of what we find online, whether it be YouTube or Instagram, is of top level competitive athletes (think Olympian level). For these people, it's their job and they're required to be able to lift a certain amount in order to be considered competitive.

That is not what you will find at CrossFit Barrie. Our facility is 75% women, and predominanlty families. We are moms and dads who can no longer get away with eating whatever we want and need to move before we turn into our parents.

Our programming is conditioning biased, meaning you'll do more conditioning than anything else. This is SUPER effective to help you shed body fat and find your abs. I can hear you challenging me now "I don't have abs" you're saying in your head. Listen, we all have abs, sometimes they're just hidden under a winter duvet. Let's peel back some of that comfort and find your summer ducet, then your abs. 😘

Why is CrossFit so expensive versus regular gyms?

One of the biggest thinks that makes a CrossFit gym different from a "typical" gym is coaching.

Having someone in your corner to guide, support, educate, and sometimes push you is incridbly valuable, and one of the best ways to achieve your goals quickly.

There is no thinking, just doing. We have the program all set up for you and will take you through each class. All you have to do is drive yourself here. You make enough decisions everyday, you don't want to have to spend your time worrying about what you're going to do in the gym too.

Is CrossFit a cult?

Yes. 😂

Just kidding. CrossFit is not a cult, CrossFit delivers results. Those results have people raving about CrossFit. Imagine you found something that you felt truly changed your life. A gym that you were excited to go to, something you described as the best hour of your day, and you actually enjoyed working out.

We know that sounds crazy, we didn't think it was possible to love working out before we found CrossFit either. But it is possible and you can accomplish things you never thought possible. That's what our members say about their experience here. This changed their life!!

If you found something that made you feel good in your own skin and gave you a natural life high, wouldn't you tell everyone you know? That's why CrossFitters can't shut up about it, we want you to feel as good as we do.

Am I too old for CrossFit?

Whether you believe you can or you belive you can't, you're right!! Some people believe that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. We don't subscribe to that notion. We've learned over and over again that any dog, at any age, can learn new tricks if they have the will and the opportunity. We have members that started with us in their lat 50s and early 60s. It's never to late to make a change.