You’ve been wanting to lose some weight for a while. Maybe you’ve even tried going to GoodLife or LA Fitness. You start off with so much motivation, and then life gets in the way, and things fall flat. You’re not even sure what you were doing while you were going to the gym was working. It seems hopeless.

This is why we created Body Burn 6 Week Challenge, to get you results!

body burn includes:

Fully coached 60 minute classes

Up to 4 classes per week

Baseline Body Composition Scan

Nutrition Guide + Recipes


$269 per person ($399 VALUE!)

Stop guessing and hire a coach and mentor that has helped thousands before you.


Maybe you’ve looked into CrossFit before but thought “that’s way too intense”, “only fit people do that”, or “I have no interest in learning complicated movements. I just want to stop carrying around all this extra weight!”

We know what that’s like and that’s why we created the Body Burn 6 Week Challenge.

Over this 6 week challenge you’ll learn the steps needed to make long lasting change.

You’ll have an opportunity to attend up to 4 classes every week, Monday to Thursday at 6:30pm. Each class will be fully coach led, you’ll have guidance for the full hour. No thinking, just following a program proven to get results.

Body Burn is for everyone. You can be active now or not done anything in 10 years.

If you are tired of where you’re at and you’re commitment to making a change, then join us!!

$269 per person ($399 VALUE!)